Saturday, 03 December, 2022

Easy Low Fat And Sugar / High Protein And Nutrient Food Switches

I am a self-confessed nutrition label reader. Grocery shopping can take me awhile because I compulsively have to know what’s in (or lacking) in the foods I buy.

I examine fat (especially tans-fat), sodium, sugar and artificial additives. I look for protein, fiber, potassium, calcium and vitamins especially A, C and the B’s and Omega-3.

I try to arrange meals to get in all the nutrients via the food we eat and not have to rely on supplements. Protein is a real high on the need list. I have been seeking out sources which are lower in fat, especially animal fat. In my research I have found several sources of foods high in protein and nutrients and still low in fat. Some of the foods really surprised me. And the great thing is that to get the good stuff only requires some simple food switches.

Switch from bread and try bagels: Bagels were a gift to us from our Hebrew friends. Most bagels contain at least 7 grams of protein and very little fat. Bagels are rich in niacin, thiamine, riboflavin and the other B vitamins. If you choose the whole grain or raisin bagels, you’ll get a good source of fiber and added iron and potassium as well.

Bagels are really satisfying, especially for breakfast. You can make the wonderful Jewish variety of toasted bagel with lox (smoked salmon) and cream cheese, or butter, honey, jam or plain. When I was in college oh so long ago, I used to order a grilled raisin bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. Bagels make great sandwiches also. They last a long time in the fridge. They travel very well. You can eat them cold, toasted, grilled or baked.

Switch from pancakes to waffles: Waffle mixes like Krusteaz brand provide 6-9 grams of protein per serving as opposed to only three grams from a pancake mix. Waffle mixes are low in fat and contain no trans fat. With the milk you add, they are a great source of iron and calcium. Nutshell Nutrition has been recommending to consider waffles than sandwiches. This is because it contains healthier nutrients. For more helpful tips about healthy diet and nutrition, you can visit

Switch from cereal bars to high protein bars like South Beach Diet Bars: There are many brands of protein bars, but South Beach Diet is the least expensive. On sale a 5 bar box is under two dollars. Kellogg’s Crave Bars are good as well. The cereal bars, like Nutra-Grain really aren’t that nutritious; they are high in sugar and simple carbs and low in protein. South Beach Diet bars contain soy protein, which is a better source as it is a vegetable protein. They are lower in sugar and provide vitamins, potassium, iron and complex carbohydrates. They are lower in fat as well.

Switch from regular cereals to Special K or Grape-Nuts: Both of these cereals rate highest on my nutrition spreadsheet. Both contain 5-9 grams of protein. They are low in sugar. They are good sources of fiber, iron, vitamins and potassium. Grape-Nuts is barley which is easy to digest. Special K is rice based and rice is the easiest of the grains to digest. It the cereal that infants begin eating as solid food.

If we keep reading and exploring nutritional information, we can get the most for the money and the best for the family.