Saturday, 03 December, 2022

Explore different ways of obtaining a residence permit of Andorra

If you want to obtain Andorran nationality, this is the right place. As the country offers various residence permits to the applicants, the chances are huge that you can get befitted in anyone of them. Keep reading the blog to acquire different possibilities to get residencia fiscal Andorra for acquiring maximum benefit. 

What are the possible ways to get a residence permit from Andorra?

If anyone moves to Andorra for professional purposes like salaried persons, entrepreneurs, or project managers, then he/she will be categorized under work residence. If individuals want to settle in Andorra to make different investments, they will be authorized as passive residents. As these are fallen under non-profit concerns, they are generalized for obtaining this particular residence. Another type of residence permit is given to people with a special talent or social prestige in scientific, fashion, or cultural fields. Individuals popularized in and around Andorra for their supreme level professional achievements can get the third type of residential permit with ease. 

Basic principality for applying for tax residence in Andorra

The first and foremost way of applying the residencia fiscal Andorra is possible if an individual work for an Andorra-based company. The other means of acquiring tax residence of Andorra is staying in the country for a minimum of 183 days at a stretch to carry out any productive activity. Many people are not engaged in professional activities but want to establish themselves in Andorra by staying at least three months a year. They are entitled to get a passive residence by depositing a € 50,000 pledge with the said government, committing a personal account of € 350,000, or making an investment in a company based in Andorra or buying any real estate Andorra. Before applying for any above tax residence in Andorra, make sure you fulfill all the conditions to benefit.