Saturday, 03 December, 2022

Great Air Heat Pump Installation Processes You Would Need to Know

Air source heat pump installation involves many procedures. You always have to install the air source heat pump correctly. This is a procedural overview because every project and home is different. 


Make sure your home is ready for the heat pump before installing it. An on-site survey guarantees you get the best system for your house and maximizes savings. A heat pump installing professional is always honest with its clients and will tell you if an air source heat pump isn’t right for your house.

Survey on-site

You may call the professionals to schedule an on-site survey. The on-site survey is key to project success. Engineers visit your house to analyze your heating needs and recommend the best choice. The survey must answer questions. For õhk vesi soojuspumba paigaldus you can find the right choices.

An air source heat pump pulls air from around it like a reverse refrigerator. The system needs room to work. Engineers will assist you find a space during the house visit. They examine your heating demands, home size, installation level, heat distribution (under floor, radiators, etc.), and more. Once they have the project details, they’ll design a plan.


Like the survey, you choose an installation time. The installation time for your home will be negotiated following the on-site survey.

Outside Unit Installation

The heat pump draws heat from the air. This is the outside unit. As mentioned before, the exterior unit needs unobstructed airflow. It should be on an outside wall. Before installation, debris and loose soil are removed. 

Radiator Installation

Install air-to-water heat pumps. The heat pump warms your water. Air-to-water heat pumps heat your house by pumping hot water through under floor heating and huge radiators. If your property doesn’t have under floor heating, the heat pump will use radiators. Air source heat pumps need bigger radiators than typical. During the on-site survey, new radiators will be discussed.

Units Connected

Connect the outside unit and hot water cylinder. Pipes will link radiators and under floor heating to the hot water cylinder. This is the biggest per-home variation. Connecting the outside unit to the hot water unit depends on your home’s walls and how distant the condenser is from the cylinder.