Thursday, 01 December, 2022

How To Make Money Online

Everyone wants to make money online. There are dozens of commercials on TV and ads on websites that claim how you can make a ton of money online. Unfortunately, most of these are not true. The small disclaimer that says “results not typical” is basically like saying, “you have a 1 in 50 million chance of making money online with this method”. However, there are some sure-fire ways to make money online that are mentioned on The method I will discuss here will not start making you money right away, it (probably) will not make you hundreds of thousands of dollars either, but it is a method to make money online with minimal effort.

The method involves blogging, posting links to articles, and having ads on your blog page. The way you make money from this is by getting people to visit your page and click on your ads. I will discuss the most common and simple way people have been making money online.

Go to a blog site (I use and create a blog. The focus of this is to create a blog that centers on a keyword (I write about science, so I try to use the word “science” as much as possible). I simply post articles I find online and write a small description/opinion on them while remembering to reiterate my keyword an appropriate amount of time.

Making money online involves having a webpage that is highly ranked in the google search engine (I will discuss how this is achieved in the next paragraph), it also involves using something called Google Adsense. Once you create your blog, search for Google Adsense, sign up, and apply it to your blog page. What this does is place a small ad (usually on the side) of your webpage for people to click on. You make money when people click on your ad (more people viewing your site = greater chance of getting people to click your ads).

Those who make money online with a blog have a high “keyword density”. This usually means that approximately 5% of the words on their blog page are their keyword. This also means that when someone types your keyword into Google, your page will be higher on the list, thus directing more people to your webpage, allowing you to make money online. This method takes several weeks before your page will be indexed high enough to notice revenue. The best way to start your venture of making money online is to grab a collection of articles that either features your keyword in the title or allow you to discuss, using the keyword often. The other trick to making money online with this method is having multiple blogs. You can have several blogs that each focus on a different keyword with a Google Adsense ad on each one (all of which that pay into your one account). If you have 3-4 highly indexed sites, you could expect around $25 a day of revenue. If you are able to come up with some original content, you can make money online any way you want with Google Adsense. As stated earlier, don’t expect to make money online right away, or even within the first month or 2. Once you have around 25-30 articles posted, if you stay persistent you can make money online without any effort.

Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to make money online.