Thursday, 06 October, 2022

Keep An Eye Out for the New Mega Pokemon in Town

What Is Mega Evolution

Originally introduced in Pokemon X and Y, mega evolution in Pokemon Go refers to a temporary state for Pokemon which makes them much more powerful, enabling them to win battles with greater ease. The megastate was introduced in Pokemon Go in August 2020, with an initial rooster of forty-five Pokemon capable of undergoing this change. Notable names included Blastoise, Venusaur, Alakazam among others. Two – Mewtwo and Charizard, can have two forms of mega evolutions.

Since October 2020, a Pokemon that undergoes mega evolution will remain in this state of power for about eight hours. To achieve this mega state, players need a special new item called mega energy, which is unique for every Pokemon. These are obtained in Mega Raids and Discoveries, though the platform is working on new ways for players to obtain this energy.

Welcome the Mega Pidgeot

Pidgeot has been one of the most beloved of the Pokemon, thanks to its introduction in the anime series. Many who prefer aerial pokemon aspire to have a pidgeot in their league – and now they can have an even bigger payoff. Introduced in August 2020, Mega Pidgeot is the latest addition to the mega evolution rooster, giving players another exciting new adventure, which one can become a part of by obtaining an account from

A Pidgeeot requires 100 mega energies to transform into its mega form, which can then be used in buddy and gym battles, and in beating members of Team Rocket. The Pokemon was launched as a celebration for players completing two million Mega Raid Battles in the mega September events.

With the introduction of Mega Pidgeot, developers seem to be indicating that even more well-known Pokemon could be slated for mega evolutions, thus upping the ante on raids and battles and promising players huge payoffs for their efforts.