Sunday, 02 October, 2022

Lego Table- Building a Better Model for Playing with Children

There are many things that one should be doing now in the lockdown period because everyone is confined to their house but luckily we human beings are pretty clever in finding ways to pass our times and this situation might be a little different but still it can be worked out very well.

This is the perfect time to spend with your kids as you couldn’t pay much attention to them due to grueling work schedule and most MNC employees virtually see their kids growing up in bed as they can see them most of the times only while sleeping.

However, now you have all the time in the world that can be used to playing their favorite games like building a table for Lego on that can help them to learn the technique and we are now going to look at some important ideas to build a good Lego table.

Methodic Approach

The Lego table in question can be medium sized where you take a bottle of glue and some base plates where you later add containers of different size for storage with a small stool for the kids to sit on.

If the sized plates are not available in the market, you can choose the coffee table for the job where the base plates can be added with some paint so that the low shelved table has its own storage capacity.

Another important method is to buy an adjustable model where the Lego contents can be adjusted as per size requirement aside from the fact that the surface at the bottom and the different corners is quite smooth with bins added to make up an excellent frame.

You can create your own Lego table as well where you take the necessary items like a cardboard with some surface area in the living room and some glue to stick the base plates that can be hidden from the kids and then brought out when they come back home from school.