Saturday, 01 October, 2022

Original Wooden Bunk Bed Shelf Bedside Storage Kids Rooms

When it comes to bunk bed accessories you have an absolutely huge range to choose from. On this page I want to introduce you to just one of them. This may be an incredibly simple laste voodi accessory but you will be surprised at just how useful it will be when it comes to kitting out bunk beds for boys.


This product is nothing more than a storage system which hooks onto the wall. This allows your child to have easy access to a number of items whilst they are ‘wrapped up’ in their bed. Features include:

Constructed from a high quality wood.

Slim-line. This ensures that it can be held firmly against the wall without intruding on your child’s space.

Allows you to store a plethora of different items. This includes books, drinks, and clocks.

Can easily be personalized with stickers.


It is tough to know where to begin with the pros. This is not because the item is bad. It is far from being bad. It is the fact that it is a rather simple product. This is one of the few bunk bed accessories on the market which does not try to be something that it should not. This product has been designed to fulfil a purpose and does it incredibly well.

Your child is going to absolutely love the idea of having all of their bits and pieces within reach. I was actually surprised at the amount of storage available in it. As you can see from the picture; you are going to have more than enough space to store a couple of books, and maybe a drink or too. Your child obviously does not need anything extravagant. There is only so many things that they can bring to bed with them.

I was surprised at how solidly this product was actually built. You can quite easily tell from the picture that it has not been constructed from solid wood. It has instead been constructed from laminate wood. I was originally a little bit dubious about this simply because the price is so high compared to other accessories on the market. My fears were quickly alleviated when I saw the product ‘in the flesh’. It may not be solid wood, but it certainly has all the hallmarks of it (i.e. it has been incredibly well constructed). There is absolutely no way that you will be damaging this bunk bed shelf any time soon.


The only major negative about this accessory is the price. It is fair to say that this is not one of the cheapest products out there. This is however the original. There is a reason as to why it commands such a high price. This is something which has been built to last. If you go out there and buy something half of the price then you will end up being disappointed. If you buy this you are going to be more than happy with it. Trust me.Just like clothes need the perfect accessories, similarly, laste voodi also needs accessories. The above-mentioned accessories are important for the child to completely use his or her bunk bed. They also make it secure and accident-proof. Of course the cost is high but then safety comes first. Right? So choose the best accessory for your bunk bed and make them a lot more fun.