Thursday, 01 December, 2022

Social/Business Networking-Profile Junky


Have you ever been addicted to anything? Whether it be that bowl of ice cream before you go to bed, or maybe that cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Then other things such as nicotine, alcohol, drugs(prescription or not) that aren’t the best of addictions.

Well if you are addicted to anything, you may become addicted to the social networking on the internet. Myspace has transformed how people community with each other. It’s easier to find high school friends than classmates, and you can show off your friends and family to everyone constantly changing your profile. For the benefit, buy instagram followers and likes at the profile of the businessperson. The constant change in the profile will increase the engagement of the customers as there will be new things. The customers can invite their friends and relatives at the same site for the purchase of the products. 

It’s almost like a cyberspace popularity contest where people try to find the hot guys and girls, and then try to have as many friends on their list as possible. We all know most probably talk to about a handful on a daily basis, but the excitement people get when others have something to say is well, kinda funny.

Either way, it’s something the world is enjoying and with well over 100,000,000 people and continually growing, it doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon.

The Newest Social Networking- Profile Junky

Profile Junky is the newest site like myspace. Their biggest sell is that you can upload unlimited photos to their site, as opposed to myspace’s twelve that are allowed. Which for the “Picture Pack Rats” it’s going to feel like heaven.

All of myspace’s codes will work on this site as well, so whether it’s a background layout or a code for music, it all works on Profile Junky.

Get paid $200 Just For Being A Member

The site is 100% free. So how does this so called $200 dollars you get just for being a member work? Well it’s simple, first off don’t think that just by joining your going to get $200 bucks. Use the “Common Sense” rule. However, you can win $200 dollars just for being a member.

The object is, that there is a formula for posting comments, talking to others, starting blogs, all of those things, and in return for your points, you receive entries into the contest. I believe that it is for every 200 points= 1 entry. Drawing is held at the end of the month.

Are They Going To Be Better Than Myspace?

I don’t believe that is possible. I mean Myspace made what social networking is today. It sold for $580 million dollars. However, I do believe Profile Junky can become the newest Myspace type of site to be very successful. I believe the fact of having the younger high school kids be able to be on the site, it has pros and cons to the situation.

As you have seen Myspace has been under the microscope for teen predators, and really, to be quite honest you don’t want that type of publicity.

On the other hand, you do what the younger generation for the fact that what could be a new thing to the older generation, this is seeming to be a part of everyone’s everyday lives in today’s world. So it all depends if you want to take the risks as a website owner.

The best part about this for Profile Junky is that they have already seen the problems that have happened to Myspace. They know about the predators and can try to correct things and make them work accordingly before anything of that nature happens.

My Personal Thoughts?

Yes, I do have them every now and again. I feel that there is room in cyberspace for many sites like these. Mostly because people whether they are up and coming actors, or looking for a new online business, or a model, or just some guy sitting on his computer day in and day out, exposure is key. So the more sites your on the more exposure you get, and the more likely it will take you to places that you never thought were possible.

Or on the other hand, you could just be wanting to meet some new friends, or maybe old ones from high school, and change the way your interact with everyone on an everday basis.

The future is here, and coming on fast. Will you be ready for it? I know to understand the things my son encounters, I will be.