Thursday, 01 December, 2022

Social Networking: Craze of the 21st Century!

It’s a brand new world out there people are communicating all over the world in many different ways… but the most popular way would have to be the internet that includes social networking websites. If you are interested in this communication device with the outside world then keep on reading and find out which SN (social networking) websites and tools, for instance, that are the best ones for anyone to get into.

We start off with the favorite and most popular ranked at first and known to have over 200 million people on the web – The network that was created by a man named Tom Anderson in August of 2002 has become the most popular online communication website to teens and adults everywhere. This website includes many features such as blogging, moods, photo sharing, bulletins, and of course much much more. Of course, some wonder with all this excitement what does this cost… well just your luck it’s all free. No matter what you do is one of the most popular and liked SN out there in 2009.

Next, we make our way to which is also credited with over 200 million students and alumni of students and workers. This website is mainly based off of college and alumni students who wish to meet up or stay together after school. Now though since 2006 if you are 13 or older with a valid email address you can get an account on this website. Most media will compare Facebook to Myspace, but the level of customization is completely different. Facebook is a basic, plain-text layout where of course Myspace is more advanced and of course, that is why most people would go for Facebook so that communication is easier to obtain. Of course, there is no price to join just go online and sign up and your profile starts off easy as 1-2-3.

Everyone loves to blog at least if you spend time on the computer you really find there is nothing else to do but to talk about other people‚Äôs business… but the main question is where? Yes, we have Myspace and Facebook, but when it is just blogging the best place to choose to go to is LiveJournal. This began in 1999 as a way to keep up with high school students and soon enough it is open to the public for viewing and posting. It does cost to join, but of course, a basic account is free and you can upgrade if you desire to.

As you know there are many more places you can go to SN sites and get in touch with people from all over the world. These sites allow any man or woman to voice their opinion and allow other people to realize what others are thinking of. I strongly suggest if you have the internet to get into this and see what you think about it yourself and if you already have one you know what I am talking about.