Sunday, 02 October, 2022

Stun Gun And Taser: What To Choose And How To Choose?

In current times, it is best to not rely on others for protection but instead to keep one prepared beforehand for any dangerous situation. And what can be a better defense tool than a one that can be easily carried in the purse? Stun guns and tasers are some of the best defense tools that can be carried around.

Most people think that tasers and stun guns are the same things, but, in reality, there are some significant differences between the two. One of the differences is that tasers allow attacking the target from a distance instead of stun guns, where one needs to be close to the target.

What is a taser?

Taser is not just the name of the product but is a brand. It allows the user to attack the target from a distance of fifteen feet. Tasers allow more distance because it is like a gun with a barrel and trigger.

When the trigger is pulled, electric probes shoot out of the barrel. And the probes stay attached to the taser with wires. These wires are the source of delivering an electric shock to the attacker that will leave them on the ground. The electric probes are designed to be powerful as it can break through cloths.

What is a stun gun?

A stun gun is a self-defense tool that uses electric shock to disable the attacker for some time, enough to escape from the place. The stun gun has two electrical prongs that, when it comes to skin, shoots a low amperage of a shock to the person who immobilizes them. It does not cause any serious injury or damage.

The electric shock reduces the energy level and creates lactic acid in the muscles. The energy loss does not let the attacker make movements and, also the energy shot from the stun gun temporarily interrupts the neurological impulses that cause movement. It is important to direct the stun gun towards the nervous system for it to work effectively.


When choosing between both, consider points like is one’s aim good when under pressure or not as per If one is unable to aim and shoot, the tasers are a better option. And if one is uncomfortable in coming close to the attacker, then chose stun guns as the defense tool.