Thursday, 01 December, 2022

What Is A Non Surgical Facelift

Being taken into the operation theater under anesthesia, cutting the skin layer on your face and tightening it for removing the wrinkles all sounds a bit frightful, doesn’t it? Facelifts although being followed as a common procedure for removing wrinkles from face is quite a painful experience. However, if you are thinking of getting your wrinkles removed, you can always opt for the other non surgical facelift methods available in the market. Today, you can avail from a list of distinctive non surgical facelift procedures that can be followed by al people to hide their aging signs. These methods are an ideal solution for people suffering from deeper wrinkles and also sagging skin.

Thermage, ThreadLift, Microcurrent Therapy, BOTOX treatment based Collagen injections, acupuncture, etc. are a few of the commonly followed non-surgical facelift methods that you can consider following for a better glowing and wrinkle free skin.

Thermage is one of the most recently discovered anti aging treatment that you can consider for a non-surgical facelift. Thermage is a popular method performed using a machine that slowly heats up the outer skin layer with the radio waves. As a result, the cellular repairing cycle accelerates and thus leads to a much firmer skin on your face. The best part about the treatment is that you don’t have to undergo any painful pricks on your face or incisions for gaining a wrinkle free skin. You simply have to visit your skin specialist for undergoing the treatment and go back home within no time.

The next non surgical facelift treatment that you can also opt for your smooth, young looking wrinkle free skin is the Microcurrent Therapy. The therapy has gained a lot attraction due to its painless skin enhancement treatment. The treatment uses electricity for increasing the collagen production in the body. A higher collagen amount helps in firming your skin and thus helps to get rid of wrinkles from your face, neck, etc. Patients suffering from sagging skin and a double chin usually prefer this treatment.

This is the treatment that most movie stars and film celebrities opt for that are above 50 for that is when signs of ageing start showing in and since they work in an industry where you last as long as your image and handsome face does, they have no qualms of going under the knife as long as they can last a little longer acting out on the big screen even though at their age, complications of fillers before and after surgery start showing up that has drastic side effects.

ThreadLift is also another extremely recognized non surgical facelift treatment designed for removing facial wrinkles. The treatment even though uses needle for removing wrinkles is considered to be a simple non surgical facelift treatment. Small and thin pieces of thread are softly inserted into the skin tissues for lifting the brows and hence sagging skin all across the face and neck. This new ThreadLift method is a bit painful but leaves behind no scars on your face.

Collagen injection is another wrinkle removing treatment. The treatment is much similar to BOTOX injection method. Injecting collagen filler comprising of collagen and other synthetic materials into your skin slowly removes the wrinkles from your skin and hence resulting into a younger looking wrinkle free skin.

Acupuncture, a Chinese therapeutic method used to treat several diseases is also a cure for wrinkles. The acupuncture method helps to clear the wrinkles from your face and thus giving you a youthful look. The acupuncture needles are pricked at specific places on your face that further helps increase the blood circulation all across your face. Good blood circulation thus helps in treating the wrinkles from your face automatically without having to undergo any surgery or even incisions.

Most of these non surgical facelift methods are much cheaper than the other conventional surgical treatments such as facelifts, etc. A regular facelift process may cost you around $10,000 and above, while on the contrary a non surgical facelift method will cost you near about $2,000. This is one notable benefit of undergoing a facelift procedure. Another advantage of undergoing a non surgical facelift is its fast recovery period. Traditional facelifts are usually considered to be more risky as they hold a chance of getting you infected which further may cause several complications. This may also result into a slower recovery period.