Sunday, 02 October, 2022

How to avoid overcrowding and pack like a pro

Packing a käsipagasi kohver may not seem like a big deal, but for some travelers, it may be a nightmare. To avoid annoyance on your next trip, try not to make these ten mistakes while packing a suitcase:

1). Folding clothes:

Rather than folding, use the rolling method. Rolling your clothes properly is critical for getting the most out of the suitcase space. This should be done while packing the baggage and when putting dirty clothes in the laundry bag. When you roll your garments, you get fewer wrinkles than when you fold them. Finally, use rubber bands to tie and tighten your rolled garments. 

2). Not checking the weather:

Yes, your travel wardrobe should be stylish, but it also needs to be functional. And smart clothing is defined by weather-appropriate attire. Is a trip somewhere wet? It will be necessary to wear a waterproof jacket, rain boots, and layers of clothing. A desert, pack breathable, lightweight alternatives for the day and sweaters and pants for the nights. Set a forecast alert on your phone and get a clear idea of what type of weather to expect during the trip. 

3). Not making a list:

One of the biggest mistakes rookie travelers make is not using a list. If you don’t use a list, you tend to pack haphazardly with whatever you can get your hands on, which results in too much luggage and of not much use. 

4). Over packing:

Another huge issue that leads to overweight suitcases and the irritation of dragging them is over packing. It is perfectly fine to pack 1 or more clothes than one may require for the trip, but over packing by a big margin will only slow down the trip. 

5). Overlooking clothes that can perform two roles:

A very space and weight-saving measure are to pack stuff that can perform multiple roles instead of just one. This way you not only save space but also carry a lighter suitcase. 

6). Not trying clothes before packing:

Wearing your clothes before stuffing them inside is necessary. It may so happen that on the trip, you wear a piece of clothing that you do not like the look of. You’ll take that off and wear another one which results in the cloth being wasted, it’s not used. 

7). Too many shoes:

Shoes take up a lot of space and each of them weighs differently. Carry only the absolute number of shoes you require, and even wear one while traveling so to save the space for one pair. 

8). No extra room:

Leaving a little extra room while packing your suitcase is quite necessary to avoid issues like not being able to carry something because one can easily forget stuff at the last moment, and also to bring back souvenirs. 

9). Carrying cosmetics skincare:

Carrying these items is a necessity, but one need not carry the ones you have at home. Instead, go for travel sizes that are much smaller and easy to fit in small places. 

10). Not packing until the last minute:

Last-minute packing can only lead to a disaster. It will result in overcrowding of clothes and shoes, and when you reach your destination, you will realize you did not carry the stuff you would have needed. 


Packing a suitcase is not art. It may seem difficult for newbies but after a trip or two, one will just realize how easy it is when following the suggestions mentioned above.