Sunday, 02 October, 2022

Take Your Gym Workout Plans To The Next Level With The Right Exercises!

The gym workout plans are an excellent way to start because the exercises are given in advance, and you know exactly what you need to do. The jõusaali treeningkavad (gym workout plans) includes exercise instructions with helpful clips so you can get the technique right. You can also match your gym workout plan with, for example, some home cardio training: Cardio & Strength.

Free weights

All plans are suitable for beginners and advanced students alike, but you must choose the right weight for you. It is preferred to train with free weights (dumbbells, lever, sangoma) and add weight (about 2.5 kilos at a time, 1 kilo at a time for a shoulder press). Exercises with free weights train more muscles and also joints at once.

Plan your training program like:

  • Monday: Shoulder press with dumbbells, squats with lever, chest pushing with lever, top strokes on a treadmill for back muscle training, random abdominal muscle exercises.
  • One day apart and Wednesday the same exercises.
  • One day apart, but power lift with a lever instead of squats.
  • About 5 minutes of running for warm-up is significant. Always warm up with one series of light weights or an empty lever before each exercise. Then do an activity of 3-4 series 8-10 repetitions with a sufficiently large weight. In the end, this stretches all your muscles.

Chest Squatting

When pushing from the chest and squatting, be careful when adding weight because if the importance turns out to be too heavy, there is a risk that you will fall (in the case of squats) or the weight will fall on you (lying down when pressed). At first, it is good to have a coach or accompanied by a friend who will help if necessary.

It is recommended that you hire a personal trainer for the first time, who will prepare a training plan for you and make sure that you do the exercises correctly. In general, squats, powerlifting, and lying down are also present in Body Pump. The trainer will give you a similar plan with exercisers.