Thursday, 06 October, 2022

Fl Medical Marijuana For The Treatment Of Migraines

Marijuana has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for many conditions. In fact, there have been Egyptian mummies that have been tested, and found to have traces of the active ingredients from marijuana use in their remains. There are Chinese writings dating back two thousand years about the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

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During the 1800s, many doctors prescribed marijuana to their patients who suffered from migraine headaches and other kinds of headaches as well. It wasn’t until 1937 that the United States made buying, selling, growing and using marijuana illegal. Since marijuana was used as an effective treatment for ailments for most of the world’s history, it makes no sense that the United States government made it illegal in the first place. There are 20 states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana and 2 states that offer it for sale for recreational use. This November, the State of Florida will allow residents to vote to legalize medical marijuana in the state. This will greatly help those Key West residents who suffer from migraines.

Treating Migraines with Medical Marijuana in Monroe County

For those who have never suffered from migraine headaches simply cannot imagine the excruciating pain involved with this condition. The slightest sound makes it feel like the migraine patient’s head is in a vise. The beautiful Key West sun shining in a window can trigger the onset of a headache. Migraines are much more than the simple headaches many people suffer from time to time. They can be absolutely debilitating and put a patient in bed for several days. Since Florida is a right to work state, a person suffering from migraines could easily lose his or her job if they miss work because of the headaches. Passing the FL medical marijuana law will not only help reduce the number of headaches a patient suffers from, but will also keep a significant number of people off of the unemployment rolls.

Migraines and Medical Marijuana in Key West

There are numerous traditional medications that are given to patients suffering from migraine headaches. Unfortunately, many of these medications simply put the patient to sleep. Most are no more than low dose tranquilizers. Having a person sleep through their pain is in no way, shape or form relieving the problem. Medical weed has been used as a cure for migraines for a long time. The State of Florida very well might be the next state to allow migraine patients to use medical marijuana.

Legalizing Medical Marijuana in Monroe County – Key West

The State of Florida is allowing the voters to decide whether or not to legalize medical marijuana in FL. There has been overwhelming support for legalizing medicinal cannabis. No one truly knows what the future of medical marijuana in Monroe County – Key West will be until the November 2014 General Election however; if it does pass, many people suffering from migraines will benefit.