Saturday, 01 October, 2022

Steps to Changing BAD Eating Habits

Changing poor eating habits is hard to do, especially when the habits have been around for a while. Most people believe that eating healthy can be too expensive and boring and if you are one who believes the same as others then I have news for you! This is not true. Changing bad eating habits can be easy, creative, and affordable. I am going to provide 4 steps to help you to slowly remove poor eating habits, and gain healthy eating habits through Modern Fit.

Step One: Emotional Preparation

The first step to eating healthy is “changing your frame of thought,” when thinking about eating healthy. When trying to change eating habits, the best way to begin is by purchasing a journal, and writing down your feelings about how you feel about eating healthy, and also a plan to change a bad habit that you have daily. Doing so can be very helpful in beginning the healthy eating process, and you will also be able to see your progress along the way, which is a plus!

Step Two: Junk Food VS. Fruit

Candy, cookies, cakes, and chips are very tasteful foods and many believe that these types of snacks are hard to break. Wrong! Small changes can be made in the beginning. For example, instead of eating candy as a snack, grab an apple. Eating the apple is a healthier choice because of the good nutrients it contains, and also it will not have negative effects on the teeth as a candy would. Starting off this way will help you to gain control of the way you’re eating, and also get used to eating the best foods to help your body function the way that it should.

Step Three: Vegetable Oil VS. Olive Oil

Vegetable oil is something that most people use to cook with daily, and sometimes, do not think anything of it. Vegetable oil is very unhealthy to use when cooking because if its possibility of clogging up your arteries. Trans fats and saturated fats are contained in vegetable oil. Making a simple change such as using olive oil when cooking instead of vegetable oil will improve your health greatly because of the nutrients that help the heart to stay healthy.

Step Four: Fried VS. Baked

Eating fried foods often is also a bad choice when trying to stay healthy. Fried foods should be only eaten as sometimes food, especially if you do not want to get rid of eating it completely. Making a simple choice of eating baked chicken one day instead of fried, and continuing this often, will help you to break out of the habit of eating fried foods all of the time. There are other ways to eating your food other than baked. You can also broil, boil, of grill your foods, which are all healthy for the body.

Making drastic changes can be very hard, but using some of the steps provided will get you on the right track to start making healthy food choices in your life. Taking care of the body is very important, which is why doing simple things, in the beginning, will help you to make drastic changes later. Once you starting practicing the steps given, you will also notice that you feel better, and notice weight loss.


This guide is not for treating, curing, or diagnosing and y health problem. This guide is only available to help you to make healthy lifestyle choices. Please consult with your physician before trying any type of diet plan.