Saturday, 01 October, 2022

Top 3 shocks to tow F150

Are you on the lookout of the right shock absorber to tow your Ford F-150? The Ford beauty is a heavy-duty steam and demands solid shock absorber which can match up with its massive weight. Now, there is no dearth of shock absorbers in the market today but not all would be equally great for your treasured wheels. But don’t fret, the post below offers a brief on the top-rated shocks you can try for your Ford vehicle. 

Bilstein 5100

One of the best in the market, the Bilstein kit promises excellent adjustment facility with ride height. The kit is compatible for all F-150 vehicles, right from 2009-2013. You will be glad to know the kit carries matching 1500 rear shock absorbers. Another plus is that the Bilstein 5100 is a breeze to install. So, if it’s a DIY toing for you without any pro help, don’t worry. Besides, the Bilstein shock even assures a solid lifetime warranty. You can check out online guides here like for more idea on the top shock for the Ford car.

Rancho RS5251

The Rancho shock is equipped with powerful 10-stage velocity-sensitive valving which assures specific tuning as per the particular requirements of each vehicle. The piston rod encompasses a 5/8” diameter and promises excellent durability and strength. Moreover, you will surely admire its 3/8” diameter piston which guarantees solid performance in all kinds of environment. The shock also carries protective boot and a premium lifetime warranty.

Detroit Axle

Especially designed for the 4 by 4 models, this is a premier ready-to-install shock kit for your Ford steam. The best part is the shock comes with comprehensive strut assembly, including all the essential components- soil, strut, mounts and springs and so on. This is an OEM Design & Direct fit part and you won’t need any sort of additional tools here to install it.