Saturday, 03 December, 2022

The Brief History of Pokemons 

Pokémon is a well-known game on this planet. For decades, this franchise has inspired and excited fans from all parts of the world. You might have come to know about Pokémon from different sources like anime, the movies, or even the trading cards. Pokemon mania is gripping the world and millions of players are crazy over this franchise. The best part about it is that people of all age love the overall theme.

Pokémon is short for “Pocket Monsters” and was first seen back in the 1980s in Japan on the pages of gaming magazine called Game Freak. The idea of Pokemon was brought forward by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. Tajiri was the writer & Ken was the illustrator for the comics. It was only in 1996 that the franchise made a debut in the video game industry. In the initial days, Pocket Monsters: Red and Green were very basic role playing Pokemon games.

The game quickly became very popular and developers started to adapt it for TV shows and regular comics as well. For a very long time, Pokemon broke several records and gained humongous popularity all around the world. The franchise has also released their AR mobile video game that allows you to catch Pokemons by going outdoors. It is a very fun and physically exciting game as well.

Pokémon Go made the franchise even Koren popular and now has more than 500 million downloads worldwide. The game uses your GPS and allows you to track the Pokemons. You can also evolve your Pokemons and win gym battles to win more rewards and prizes. So, if you are planning to play Pokemon as well, you can either create your own account or just buy Pokemon go account as well. These accounts have highly upgraded Pokémons and a plethora of items that will further help you.