Saturday, 01 October, 2022

Travel inspiration tips to find your holiday destination

I love reading emails from readers, and the majority of emails this week have asked me how they can find the perfect holiday destination. With the cost of our holidays increasing, it’s becoming more difficult to find destinations that are within our budget.

Here are a few travel sites to help inspire you and find your perfect destination.

When I am in need of some ideas for my next trip, the first thing I do is spend some quality time on travel video sites like Travelistic and Geobeats. They really help you find out more about the destination, and what tourist attractions are worth visiting. The selection of the right platform can be there for the hiring of best rental car services. The traveling of the right destinations can be there to get the right results. The meeting of the requirements is there within few considerations. Leiebilnord will offer the best services to the people. 

You can watch a growing number of travel videos on Travel Rants – every week I promote a new video, and add it to the map, so over time it’ll be a good resource of videos on destinations across the world, sure you can search You Tube, but this is more fun.

What better way to receive inspiration than actually ask other travellers where they would recommend and give them your budget and your type of holiday. I’m currently a regular member of Lonely Planet’s Thorntree forum and I also use Yahoo Answers if I have a specific question.

Travel social networking sites like WAYN, Dopplr, and Vibeagent are also good places to communicate with travellers and ask for their opinions on different holiday destinations. I nearly forgot another travel site which is great for finding your perfect destination, that’s Tripbase which is well worth the visit.

Lately, I’ve found myself using Travellerspoint Wiki travel guide more and more because you can edit and add your own information on a specific information, so your not reading fluffy travel guides, but information written by travellers, for travellers.

Another site I cannot get enough of lately is World 66, which uses WikiTravel content but like Travellerspoint Wiki guides you can edit it, add new sections, which is much more interesting then wading through a travel guide book.

There’s some fantastic travel content on blogs, and some of my favourites are Sacred destinations, Everything Everywhere and Viator. All of these blogs are full of fantastic information, photos and videos about destinations across the world.

I’ve recently launched the travel destinations map, where you can scroll around the world and read content written by bloggers around the world. At the moment the time of writing this there’s not a great deal of content, but I am adding new blog posts weekly.

Before you decide on your perfect destination it’s worth looking at your budget, bear in mind the currency exchange rates, what time of the year you’ll be travelling, and do you want to stay in a hotel, or self catering accommodation.